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Yukon Tire Recycling Program

Yukon Logo

The Government of Yukon has contracted Alberta Recycling to administer the revenue portion of their Tire Recycling Program and Alberta Recycling is the main point of contact for companies (Producers) selling in or into the Yukon.

Registration Application

Tires are a designated material in Yukon and under the Designated Materials Regulation, a person who, in the course of carrying on a business, supplies a designated material in Yukon is a producer (includes manufacturers, distributors and retailers).

All producers are required to:

  1. Be registered as a producer;
  2. Collect surcharges on designated tires sold/distributed;
  3. Report and remit surcharges, where applicable; and
  4. Maintain accurate books and records.

Unsure if you are required to register or have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our office at [email protected] or toll free 1-888-999-8762. We will be pleased to assist you.

More Information

For additional information about the Yukon Tire Recycling Program please visit the website for the Yukon Department of Environment