TDA Municipal Landfill Cell Construction Projects (2023-25)

TDA Municipal Landfill Cell Construction Projects (2023-25) for Municipalities and Waste Authorities/Commissions

This post is intended to reach out to Municipalities as well as waste authorities/commissions that may require tire-derived aggregate (TDA or tire shred) to construct a landfill leachate collection system in the next few years.

TDA production requires substantial time for proper processing and inspection, whereas the window to construct leachate collection systems is small. Planning and scheduling well in advance of these projects is critical. To address these realities, we are requesting information from landfill managers on what they anticipate will be needed over the next three years. If your municipality will require TDA for a leachate collection system in 2023, 2024, or 2025, Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) needs to hear from you now.

Since the program began, municipalities across Alberta have benefitted from the use of approximately 600,000 tonnes of TDA as a drainage material in leachate collection systems. Used in nearly 200 landfill cells since 2006, this material is finding additional life for over two million Alberta scrap tires per year while reducing municipalities’ costs.

ARMA continues to pay for all processing and quality inspection of this engineered product. For delivery of TDA, municipalities pay a maximum of $20.00 per tonne while ARMA pays all remaining delivery costs. To see how TDA can provide savings for your municipality, please click here and download our TDA Cost Tool Spreadsheet.

To identify your anticipated TDA requirements, please download and complete the TDA Information Form. It can be returned to ARMA by email as identified on the form. Please send it by February 1, 2023. If you require TDA sooner, contact our office as soon as possible.

Please note that submission of the Information Form does not guarantee that TDA will be available. Municipalities will still need to submit a full TDA Application Form once their landfill construction project has been finalized and the volume of TDA required has been confirmed.

If you wish to further discuss your project, please contact Che-Wei Chung, Chief Operations Officer, at 1-888-999-8762 or via email at