Eligible Products & Fees

Following are the eligible oil materials in Alberta's Used Oil Recycling Program and the environmental fees charged on the sale of new products.

  • Lubricating Oil - $0.05 per litre

  • Oil Containers - $0.05 per litre of container size

  • Oil Filters
    • Less than 203 mm (8") in length - $0.50
    • 203 mm (8") or larger in length - $1.00

For more detailed information please see the applicable products list.

Products, Definitions and Fees

The environmental fees Albertans pay when purchasing new oil materials help fund the cost to recycle them...

Albertans are some of the of the most dedicated recyclers in the world. In 2019-20 alone, residents and businesses recycled 86.6 million litres of used lubricating oil, 4.5 million oil filters, 2.6 million kilograms of used oil containers.

High quality used lubricating oil e.g. automotive oil is re-refined into new lubricating oil. Lower quality used oil is processed into a fuel that can be used by pulp mills, cement plants, asphalt plants, and other industrial applications.

Oil filters are crushed (with the residual oil captured) and processed by a metal recycler for manufacturing into construction materials such as rebar and pipe.

Plastic oil containers are pelletized and used as feedstock for products such as new containers, guardrails, fence posts and railway ties.