Used Oil Materials Recycling Program

Alberta's Used Oil Materials Recycling Program has been doing its part to protect our environment since 1997, keeping used lubricating oil, oil filters, and oil containers out of Alberta's landfills and waterways, ensuring these materials are turned into new and useful products.

Eligible Products and Fees

The environmental fees Albertans pay when purchasing new lubricating oil and oil filters, ranging from $0.05 to $1.00, are used to help fund the cost to recycle them. There are a number of recycling depots (collection sites) in the province where you can take your used oil materials so they can be recycled in an effective, secure and environmentally safe manner.

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What happens to my used oil materials?

From the backyard mechanic to businesses or municipalities with large fleets of vehicles, every drop of used oil, every container and every filter that is captured in the Program for recycling helps keep our landfills and waterways safe from contamination. In 2020-21 alone, Albertans recovered 73.3 million litres of used oil, almost six million filters and 2.2 million kg. of oil containers.

Large Quantities to Recycle?

Contact a local Registered Processor to recycle large quantities of used oil materials (e.g. more than 20 litres of used oil; more than 20 oil filters).

Other Used Oil Management Associations

Visit other provincial used oil management associations.

Used Oil Recycling FAQs

Where can I recycle used oil materials in Red Deer?

Watch this space for confirmation of Used Oil and Paint Recycling Roundups scheduled in 2022 for Red Deer.

Does the program recycle cooking oil?

No, Alberta’s used oil materials recycling program exclusively helps fund the collection and processing of lubricating oil e.g., engine oil, oil filters, and oil containers only. Please consult with your local municipality on how to safely handle cooking oil, fats, grease, and other household waste.

What are used oil materials recycled into?

High quality used lubricating oil e.g. automotive oil can be refined into new oil. Lower quality used oil can be processed into a fuel that can be used by pulp mills, cement plants, asphalt plants, and other industrial applications.

Oil filters and metal oil containers can be crushed and processed by a metal recycler to make construction materials, including rebar and pipe.

Plastic oil containers have a large number of uses. They can be turned into new containers, railway ties, fence posts, patio furniture, and much more.

What if I have large quantities of used oil materials?

If you or your business have larger quantities of used oil, filters, or containers e.g., more than the quantity allowed by your local collection site, which is often 20 litres of oil or 20 oil filters, please contact a local Registered Processor to arrange collection.

Why is it important to recycle used lubricating oil materials?

Used lubricating oil e.g. automotive oil is considered a hazardous waste. Rather than contaminating our waterways and land, it can be collected, processed, and put to good use again through recycling.

Oil filters and containers are valuable products. Rather than sending them to landfill, they can help fuel our economy and be transformed into valuable new products.

What if my used lubricating oil (e.g. automotive oil) is mixed with water, antifreeze, paint, solvents or other materials?

If your used lubricating oil e.g., automotive oil contains water, antifreeze, paint, solvent, or any other materials then it is contaminated. Contaminated used oil is not accepted as part of Alberta’s used oil materials recycling program, and should be treated or disposed as per Alberta laws. Your best treatment or disposal option depends on the type of contamination. If you believe that your used oil is contaminated, then please contact a local Registered Processor, a hazardous waste management company, or your local municipality for information about how to dispose of it safely.

Registered Used Oil Processors

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