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Municipal Grant Program

Tire recycling is good for the environment, but it also directly benefits Albertans.

Alberta Recycling's Municipal Grant Program provides funding to a wide range of non-profit entities to help purchase recycled tire products for community enhancement projects or to upgrade scrap tire collection areas at waste management facilities, landfills and transfer stations.

There are two types of grants available and the program typically opens in the fall with applicants having two months to prepare their application. The 2020 grant has just closed so watch this space for information on the status of next year's program.

Following is general information about the two types of grants that are available.

Municipal Demonstration Grant (MDG)

Municipalities, Indigenous communities, schools, and registered non-profit organizations can apply for the grant to purchase recycled tire products for community projects such as playgrounds, arenas, and walking trails (MDG Project Examples).

Privately owned, for-profit companies are not eligible to apply.

If you have any questions regarding this opportunity please email [email protected]

Tire Marshalling Area Grant (TMA) - Available for Registered Tire Collection Sites Only

Municipalities, waste authorities/commissions and Indigenous communities who have registered tire collection sites can apply for a TMA grant to upgrade your tire collection areas (TMA Project Examples).

If you have not yet registered your tire collection site/s, you can find the application in the Become a Collection Site section on the Municipalities page. Once your site or sites are registered, you can apply for a TMA Grant.

Privately owned landfills are not eligible to apply for a TMA Grant.

If you have any questions regarding this opportunity please email [email protected]