In response to COVID-19, the Recycling Depots may be reducing their hours and services. Please contact your Recycling Depot to confirm their hours of operation prior to dropping off your electronics, paint, tires or used oil materials. Ensure social distancing best practice when visiting a depot. Thank you and stay safe!

Tire Program Grants

Tire recycling is good for our environment and benefits our communities and economy.

ARMA’s Municipal Demonstration Grant Program and the Tire Area Marshalling Grant Program provides funding to Alberta municipalities and non-profit organizations to help purchase recycled tire products for community projects or to upgrade scrap tire collection areas at waste management facilities, landfills and transfer stations.

January 2021: Update on the 2021 Municipal Demonstration Grant and the Tire Marshalling Area Grant Program

Over the last 12+ months, the economic impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic have touched every economic corner of the globe.

With health restrictions moving much of the workforce to work-from-home, as well as limiting travelling, the tire industry has seen a significant reduction in tire sales. This directly impacts ARMA’s ability to activate its tire grant programs in 2021 and unfortunately, the necessary decision to temporarily pause this program was made, due to budgetary constraints.

We continue to be in close communications with our tire suppliers and will keep our tire grant stakeholders updated.

Grant project pour-in place surfacing

Municipal Demonstration Grant project example

Area at one of the Alberta Recycling Management Authority facilities where consumers can drop off used tires.

Tire Marshalling Area grant project example