Tire Program Grants

Tire recycling is good for our environment and benefits our communities and economy.

ARMA’s Municipal Demonstration Grant Program and the Tire Area Marshalling Grant Program provides funding to Alberta municipalities and non-profit organizations to help purchase recycled tire products for community projects or to upgrade scrap tire collection areas at waste management facilities, landfills and transfer stations.

September 2021: Update on the 2021 Municipal Demonstration Grant and the Tire Marshalling Area Grant Program

ARMA is optimistic of the eventual return of these important programs but unfortunately due to continuing budgetary contraints, the timeline for reintroducing these grants is unknown at this time.

Please watch this page for a further update in 2022.

Grant project pour-in place surfacing

Municipal Demonstration Grant project example

Area at one of the Alberta Recycling Management Authority facilities where consumers can drop off used tires.

Tire Marshalling Area grant project example