Tire Recycling Program

When you have to replace your tires due to a flat or just being worn out, turn a bad day into a good one by recycling your tires!

Alberta's Tire Recycling Program is helping protect our environment by keeping scrap tires out of the landfill. This Program has grown into a thriving, innovative industry that is helping keep the province’s environment safe for generations to come.

Eligible Products and Fees

The environmental fees Albertans pay when purchasing new tires, ranging from $4 - $200, are used to help fund the cost to recycle them. And when buying new tires, they usually leave their old ones behind. This is because 2,200 vehicle and tire dealers and auto repair shops play a dual role - selling new tires and being a primary collection point for scrap tires destined for recycling at registered recycling facilities in Alberta.

Car & Light Truck Tires

Specialty Tires

Medium Truck Tires

Off-the-Road Tires

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What happens to my tires?

Not only are discarded tires ugly to look at, they also pose a number of health risks. They present a fire hazard that can produce toxic fumes. When left out in the open, they collect water and become a breeding ground for mosquitos including those carrying West Nile Virus. The good news is, while tires are nasty when they're discarded, they're a valuable source of material that can be turned into new products and new jobs.

How are we doing?

An overview of the past year's progress in the Tire Recycling Program can be found in the Progress Report. This user-friendly document includes program highlights and key results.

2020-21 Progress Report Download

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Municipal Grant Program

Products Made From Tires

Tires can be recycled and used for many things such as sidewalks, walkways, replacement for sand in playgrounds, landscaping, rooftop & patio Surfacing, and much more. Visit the link below for a list of recycled tire manufacturers in Alberta and their products.

Tire Recycling FAQS

How is tire recycling going in Alberta?

Albertans are champion recyclers. In 2016 we celebrated the recycling of 100 million tires. That is enough to wrap around the equator twice!

How were the 100 million tires recycled?

Approximately 50% were processed into crumb that was used by manufacturers to make recycled tire products such as playground surfacing, roofing shingles and sidewalk blocks, to name a few. The other half was processed into shred for use by municipalities as drainage material (in place of washed rock) in their landfills.

How much does it cost to buy a recycled tire product such as sidewalk blocks?

Please refer to the list of manufacturers for product information.

Is there a grant program to buy recycled tire products?

Please visit Municipal Grant Program for an update on the grant program.

Where do I recycle my bicycle tires?

A list of locations accepting bicycle tires are a available on our Bicycle Tire Recycling page.

Registered Tire Recycler

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