What Happens to My Paint?

Prior to 2008, Albertans took their paint to a household hazardous waste roundup for disposal. However, latex paint can be remade into new paint and oil-based paint can be used as a fuel source in the energy recovery process. Since April 1, 2008, home owners and painting contractors alike have flocked to Alberta's paint recycling program because they want their leftover paint and paint containers safely recycled instead of incinerated.

What is recycled?

Latex and oil-based paint, varnishes and stains as well the containers they're packaged in - metal and aerosol cans and plastic pails. Please visit this link for the complete list.

How is paint processed?

Alberta’s registered Paint Processors pick up the paint from municipal collection sites and businesses across the province, and take it to their facilities where it is separated and packaged for shipment. Processing of paint and paint containers is handled by downstream processors approved by Alberta Recycling.

What does it become?

Latex paint is recycled into usable paint, the majority of it processed and then sold right here in Alberta for environmentally conscious purchasers. Oil based paint is most often used in fuel blends to provide alternative fuel sources. Aerosol containers, paint cans and plastic pails are recycled as metals and plastics.