What Happens to My Electronics?

Electronics is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. Technology continues to evolve at an incredibly rapid pace, making electronics like TVs or computers easy to replace. The challenge of this rapid replacement is that these electronics contain some measure of potentially poisonous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and others - which makes them toxic if not dealt with properly.Alberta Recycling works closely with municipalities and processors across the province to ensure electronics are recycled safely and responsibly.

Recycling Your Electronics is Globally Responsible.

A primary objective of Alberta's electronics recycling program is to prevent computer equipment from being shipped to poor countries where they are illegally dumped, and scavenged for their precious metals. As these electronics are taken apart in primitive conditions, toxic materials seep into the environment, contaminating the land, water and air - putting people at risk.

By bringing your electronics to a municipal collection site you make sure your old electronics are processed safely and responsibly right here in Alberta.

What is Recycled?

Televisions and computer equipment are accepted for recycling at municipal collection sites throughout Alberta. See our Eligible Electronics page for the list of products that can be recycled under Alberta’s electronics recycling program.

How are Electronics Processed?

Electronics are picked up from municipal collection sites, businesses, schools and universities etc. across the province by registered Electronics Processors. These processors safely disassemble them and separate each of the different materials according to the program's requirements. Commodities like metals, plastics and glass are collected and sold to be made into new products. None of the products processed in Alberta’s electronics recycling program are sent to, or ‘dumped’ into developing countries.

What Does it Become?

Televisions and computers contain a number of valuable materials that can be broken down and reused. The steel, aluminum and copper metal found in the wires, cables and circuitry is used as feed stock for new products. The glass from television and computer screens is melted down, separating the lead, and reused in the manufacture of new products. The plastic from the cases, keyboards and mouse are processed to produce plastic flakes or pellets used to make new consumer products.

Is My Personal Information Secure?

Before dropping off your unwanted electronics at a municipal collection site for recycling, extra precautions should be taken to remove any personal information that might be stored in your computer.