In response to COVID-19, the Recycling Depots may be reducing their hours and services. Please contact your Recycling Depot to confirm their hours of operation prior to dropping off your electronics, paint, tires or used oil materials. Ensure social distancing best practice when visiting a depot. Thank you and stay safe!

Expanded Electronics Recycling Program Pilot

The Government of Alberta is kick-starting an expanded electronics recycling program that will support job creation and help the economy through the COVID-19 recession. An expanded electronics recycling program has the potential to inject an additional $30 million annually into Alberta’s economy and support job creation through an additional 360 full-time jobs.

>>> Government of Alberta News Release (May 11, 2020)

The pilot project will help reduce municipal landfill waste, support environmental protection and move to position Alberta as a significant contributor to the emerging circular economy where we recycle and recover as much product material as possible and return it to the manufacturing process.

The Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) will use $43 million of its existing funds to test its ability to recycle up to an additional 24,600 tonnes of electronics products without new consumer fees through a two-year pilot project.

A five-month planning phase will be initiated to develop the pilot framework that will include procurement of external expertise to support planning, implementation and execution, stakeholder engagement and a communications program.

Expanded Product List

  • small home appliances
  • audio and video equipment
  • cell phones and other wireless devices
  • gaming equipment
  • toys
  • musical instruments
  • power tools
  • solar panels

Key Facts

  • The pilot project will help inform a best course forward to advance the electronics recycling program in Alberta.
  • The current electronics program accepts display devices, desktop computers, portable computers, computer peripherals, desktop printers/multi-function devices, desktop and portable scanners, fax machines and floor-standing photocopiers/multi-function devices.
  • ARMA is proposing a two-year pilot project that will collect critical data, research and analysis of recycling processes, the associated costs, and anticipated demand/use levels, for a variety of electronic waste goods.
  • The current program generates $50 million annually and supports 400 full-time jobs.
  • There are currently 365 municipal electronics collections sites throughout the province registered with ARMA, but managed by municipalities and Indigenous communities and where residents and businesses can drop off their electronics for recycling.
  • The pilot project will allow stockpiled electronic products not currently included in ARMA’s existing program to be recycled.
  • 96% of Albertans live no further than a 20-minute drive to an electronics collection site.
  • Six registered recyclers pick up electronics from the 365 sites, as well as from businesses, and take the electronics back to their facilities where the products are disassembled in a safe, secure and environmentally sound manner.