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Electronics Program

Taking your old electronics out of the picture. Alberta’s Electronics Recycling Program is helping protect our environment by keeping old TVs and computer equipment out of our landfills, and away from the waste stream flowing into developing countries.

Eligible Products and Fees

The environmental fees Albertans pay when purchasing new TVs and computer equipment, ranging from $1.20 - $10.00, are used to help fund the cost to recycle them. There are recycling depots (collection sites) across the province where you can take your end-of-life electronics so they can be recycled in an effective, secure and environmentally safe manner.


Computers & Servers

Laptops & Tablets

Printers, Copiers, Scanners & Fax Machines

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What happens to my electronics?

Electronics is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. Technology continues to evolve at an incredibly rapid pace, making electronics like TVs or computers easy to replace. The challenge of this rapid replacement is that these electronics contain some measure of potentially poisonous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and others - which makes them toxic if not dealt with properly.

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Raise money for your school, team or club!

Visit https://h2g.albertarecycling.ca/ to find out about the 2019-20 Electronics Roundup Pilot for Schools and Non-Profit Groups.

The deadline to complete your roundup event is March 15, 2020.

How are we doing?

An overview of the past year's progress in the Electronics Recycling Program can be found in the Progress Report. This user-friendly document includes program highlights and key results from the past year.

2018-19 Progress Report Download

Be the first to know when a new Progress Report is available by signing up for email notifications at the bottom of our homepage.

Municipalities and Indigenous Communities

Municipalities and Indigenous communities wishing to register their electronics recycling depots (referred to in the Program as electronics collection sites) may do so at the link below.

Corporate and Institutional

Recycle the desk debris cluttering up your business in a safe and secure manner.

For more information visit https://electronics.albertarecycling.ca/ now!

Electronics Recycling FAQs

Is the information on my computer secure when it is recycled?

Yes. The recyclers registered with Alberta Recycling have successfully met a long list of requirement to ensure the safe and secure handling of the materials, and this includes shredding all hard drives. That said, the best way to give yourself peace of mind is to wipe your hard drive before recycling it.

Can businesses drop off their old computer equipment, copiers, fax machines, scanners and TVs at any of the Electronics Depots listed by Alberta Recycling?

Yes, businesses and organizations of all sizes can recycle their electronics at the registered depots.

Are the products shipped to third world countries?

No; a primary objective of the program is to prevent them from being shipped to developing countries where environmental and safety abuses may occur. All of the TVs and computer products are processed at registered recycler sites based in Alberta.

Can I recycle other electronics in this Program such as microwaves, vacuum cleaners or toasters?

Currently the Electronics Program is approved to accept TVs, computer equipment, copiers, fax machines and scanners only. The provincial government is reviewing the expansion of the Program to include more products. Learn more...

Registered Electronics Processors

Need an Electronics Recycler? Are you interested in Becoming a Registered Electronics Recycler?

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