Recycling Programs

Find out how the Electronics, Paint, Tire and Oil Programs work including which products are eligible for recycling and what happens to your old products after you have dropped them off for recycling.


Did you know there are over 442 registered recycling depots throughout Alberta?


Recycling FAQs

Are all tires in Alberta recycled?

All vehicle tires, as well as construction, industrial and off-the-road tires are recycled right here in Alberta.

What happens to the TVs and computers that are dropped off for recycling or picked up from businesses?

They are picked up by registered recyclers and transported to their facilities, all located in Alberta. The products are disassembled into metals, glass and plastic. These commodities are then shipped to approved companies for further processing or manufacturing into new products.

What about recycling cooking oil?

Alberta’s used oil management program was established for the collection and recycling of lubricating oil (e.g., automotive oil), oil filters, and oil containers only. Please consult with your local municipality on how to most effectively dispose of cooking oil, fats, grease, and other household waste.

Can paint cans be recycled even if the paint itself is dried up or the can is empty?

Yes, the metal and plastic cans, including spray paint cans, can be recycled as well so make sure not to throw them in the garbage but take them to your nearest paint recycling depot.

What happens to the recycling fees that I pay when I buy a new computer, a can of paint, a set of tires or a container of automotive oil?

Environmental fees charged on the sale of eligible electronics, paint, tires or oil materials help fund the cost to collect and recycle these materials as well as research and development, and public awareness of the recycling Programs.

By recycling, you reduce the need to use up precious, non-renewable materials to make new products.