Tire-derived aggregate

TDA can be an excellent alternative to traditional forms of drainage material in leachate collection systems.

What is TDA?

TDA (Tire-Derived Aggregate) is an engineered product made by mechanically shredding scrap tires. It is produced by Processors registered and approved by Alberta Recycling. Since the program began, municipalities across Alberta have benefitted from the use of approximately 600,000 tonnes of TDA as a drainage material in leachate collection systems. Used in nearly 200 landfill cells since 2006, this material is finding additional life for over two million Alberta scrap tires per year while reducing municipalities’ costs.

  • TDA can offer significant cost savings compared to conventional aggregate. Alberta’s Tire Recycling Program funds 100% of the cost to produce the material and a portion of the cost to deliver the finished material to the landfill site.
  • Alberta Recycling can work directly with municipalities, First Nations and Métis Settlements as well as waste authorities and commissions to order TDA for future landfill cells (up to three years in advance of the actual building of the cell).
  • Download the TDA Cost Tool Spreadsheet which enables applicants to apply their own expected unit rates for each of the input fields e.g. thickness of the waste pile, and cost of aggregate to calculate potential cost savings.
  • To acquire TDA for your next landfill cell please e-mail Alberta Recycling at info@albertarecycling.ca or call our Tire Program Administrator at 1.888.999.8762.

For further information on TDA download our Final Report on TDA Hydraulic Performance and Geomembrane Damage Potential or read the summary of the final report contained in our TDA Technical Bulletin.