Electronics Recycling Roundup

Get your school, team or club involved with the Electronics Recycling Program! Apply to hold a roundup and raise funds from the electronics you collect.

ARMA has made tremendous progress in getting Albertans to ‘dig out’ their end-of-life (EOL) computer equipment, TVs and ePilot material for recycling. This roundup project is designed to encourage schools and community groups to hold an electronics roundup to raise awareness of electronics recycling while making it more convenient for Albertans to recycle.

Working with Registered Electronics Processors (Processors), participants bring in their old electronics and raise funds for their organization by receiving money per item and by weight from ARMA.

New to this program is the inclusion of ePilot material, with everything from microwaves to cell phones, games and toys, and a whole lot more being accepted.

For more information and to apply for an event, download the 2022-23 Hard-to-Get Electronics Recycling Roundup Application.