Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) acts on behalf of the province to oversee all aspects of the end-of-life processing of electronics, paint, tires, and used oil materials, and is the oversight body for Alberta's Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Our vision is Inspiring a Future Without Waste, which is why we want to help you recycle all types of materials, whether they are inside or outside of our programs. We have pulled together the following resources to help Albertans recycle, reuse, and divert all types of materials from landfills.


Learn about our recycling stewardship programs:

recycling resources:

The recycling of agricultural materials can pose unique challenges. Please see the following resources for assistance:

There are various auto/parts/scrap yards throughout the province, which can be found through an online search. See below for more information regarding the recycling of automotive materials:

Vehicles can also be donated to the various charities shown here:

Batteries and lightbulbs can be collected at various collection sites throughout the province, please check with your local municipality.

Batteries can often be returned to participating retail locations. Please contact your local store to confirm.

You can also contact the following for battery recycling.

The recycling of bottles and cans is managed through the Beverage Container Management Board and empties can be collected through various bottle depots throughout the province. See below for more information and locations:

There is a variety of locally owned second-hand, consignment, and thrift stores throughout the province. Please check with your local business associations or search online for one near you. For other recycling and donation/reuse options, please see below:

Textile recycling:


Clothing and goods donation:

Many landfills offer composting programs, please check with your municipalities.

The collection and recycling of construction debris can pose unique challenges due to various materials and potential hazards. Please see the following resources for assistance:

Ecodine Cooking oil recycling
Redux – Cooking oil, grease traps, organics

Most eco stations recycle glass but please confirm with your local municipality on the various types. See below for other resources:

Portable medical equipment/appliances that are for personal or home use can be recycled through our ePilot. This includes Blood pressure monitors, inhalers, glucose monitors, thermometers, and sleep apnea machines. Commercial equipment is not accepted, however, you can contact one of our Electronics Processors directly to see if they are able to assist you. You can also visit the following links for more information:

Resources from the province:

Disposal of medical waste: 

Many pharmacies collect sharps if they are placed in appropriate containers. Please contact your local pharmacy to check on collection options and for further information.

Please note that the handling of any medical equipment or waste should only be done by trained professionals, following strict guidelines

Please see the following resources for assistance in metal recycling:

Many municipal recycling programs handle paper collection and recycling, please check with your local municipality for what is accepted. For larger quantities or business-related paper recycling needs, please inquire with:

Many municipal recycling programs handle plastics collection and recycling, please check with your local municipality for what is accepted. For larger recycling needs, please inquire with:

Pressurized containers (propane and helium) can be collected through certain waste collection facilities across the province, please contact your local municipality to confirm.

For processing larger quantities of compressed tanks, please contact:

There is a variety of businesses that will take gently-used sports equipment and provide opportunities for Albertans to reuse them. Please see below for options near you.

Printer/fax toner can be recycled through many retailers. Please check with your local retailer:

See below for some unique items:

Asphalt restoration:

Cork recycling:

Mattress Recycling:

Plastic Flower Pots:

  • Plastic pots that are used for seedlings and small plants are often collected and recycled by the company selling them. Please inquire with the retailer about recycling options.

Silver from film-based photo-imaging:

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This list of resources is meant to evolve and grow and we need your help. If you think your company, organization, or program should be added to this list, please click below and apply.

The purpose of this page is to help Albertans recycle and divert materials from landfills by providing links to resources. ARMA holds no responsibility whatsoever for the companies or organizations listed above and does not endorse them. ARMA has no authority over recycling/reusing materials outside our programs (electronics, paint, tires and used oil), nor does it bare any responsibility over these operations. Inquiries, suggestions, or complaints should be made with the associated company or the organization. 

ARMA has policies and guidelines associated with the recycling of materials associated with our programs and as such, we are unable to provide additional links to resources that are outside of our normal operations. ARMA has the right to review resources/organizations listed in this resource and deny or remove the listing.