Electronics Processors

Registered Electronics Processors (recyclers) are private companies that have been audited and approved by Alberta Recycling.

They protect both the environment and the health and safety of their employees in the collection and processing of eligible end-of-life electronics and are regularly reviewed to ensure they maintain the requirements of the Electronics Recycling Program.

Become a Registered Electronics Processor

The following document outlines the application and compliance requirements necessary to become a Registered Electronics Processor in Alberta's Electronics Recycling Program and be eligible for incentives:

Registered Electronics Processor Incentive Program Requirements Fiscal 2022-23

Here is a brief outline of the application requirements:

  1. Comprehensive business plan including (a) details regarding how your company will obtain eligible end-of-life electronics (material must be sourced in Alberta); (b) 'Downstream' processors who will receive the metals, glass and plastic generated from the dismantling of the electronics for manufacturing into new products; (c) detailed revenue and expenditure statements, and projections demonstrating viability of operations.
  2. Evidence of a closure plan and posting of security with Alberta Recycling; amount is calculated based on average monthly inventory (minimum amount of security is $20,000).
  3. Demonstrate that any processed material meets the minimum recycling standards outlined in the Program Requirements document.
  4. Copies of all required insurance.
  5. Evidence of an account in good standing with Workers' Compensation Board.
  6. Copy of Certificate of Recognition.
  7. Evidence of an Environmental Management System in place to ensure adequate control of the processing site's impact on the environment.

Please note that the review process for an application can take from four to six months in order for interim approval to be considered.

If you would like more information or to make an application please e-mail [email protected]

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Alberta's Electronics Recycling Program is helping protect our environment by keeping old TVs and computer equipment out of our landfills, and away from the waste stream flowing into developing countries.