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Each year, Alberta municipalities collect and process 197,600 tonnes of recyclable packaging and paper products from households at a cost of about $107 million, as estimated by a 2019 study.

One of the first systems of the new EPR framework is single-use products, packaging and printed paper products (PPP).

PPP includes the following materials from the residential sector:

  • paper products such as newspapers, packaging, cardboard, printed paper and magazines
  • plastics (both rigid and flexible)
  • metal and glass

Alberta’s EPR framework does not include PPP from the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors. PPP materials regulated under existing regulated stewardship programs (beverage containers, electronics, paint, tires, and used oil materials) are not included in EPR PPP to avoid duplicating requirements.

ARMA, as the oversight body, will be the central information hub for EPR. See below for further information related to PPP:

We understand that EPR implementation will take time, and we are using a phased approach to ensure a smooth transition.

Alberta’s EPR Regulation came into effect on November 30, 2022. The government and ARMA recognize it will take time for producers to develop their EPR systems, including considerations for collection and material management.

Most producers will be required to provide verification of collection and management plans to the ARMA by October 1, 2024. Phase I of the EPR system will be operational by April 1, 2025. Additional key dates in the implementation process can be found here.


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