A Processing Facility, in the context of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Regulation, is an individual or entity responsible for the processing of designated materials supplied to consumers in Alberta for resource recovery purposes.

PRocessING FACILITY Activities:

Processing facilities collaborate with producers or Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) operating on their behalf. Producers and PROs are mandated to establish and operate a collection and management system for designated materials. For the purpose of resource recovery, processing encompasses a range of activities, including but not limited to: 

  • Sorting 
  • Baling paper and cardboard shredding 
  • Plastic reprocessing, involving grinding, washing, pelletizing, compounding, etc. 
  • Crushed glass reprocessing 
  • Aluminum and steel reprocessing 


Under the EPR Regulation, processing facilities that wish to participate in the Common Collection System must register with ARMA. Producers and PROs can only engage with processing facilities registered with ARMA. 

Processing facilities responsible for processing designated materials supplied to consumers in Alberta for personal, family, or household use are required to register with ARMA through the online registry known as “ARMA Connect” 

A processing facility must provide the Authority with the following information: 

  1. The name, contact information and address of the processing facility; 
  2. The name and contact information of the person responsible for registering the processing facility; 
  3. The Designated Materials accepted at the processing facility; 
  4. The type of processing that is undertaken by the processing facility; and 
  5. Any other information about the processing facility required by the Authority. 

A p
rocessing facilities must not be affiliated with any PRO. 


If you require assistance, please contact us at epr@albertarecycling.ca or toll-free at 1.888.999.8762 and we will be pleased to assist you.

Annual Reporting:

Starting in 2025, processing facilities are obligated to submit an annual performance report, providing details about their recovery and management activities in the previous calendar year. 

Processing facilities are required to log into their Registry account annually and report the following information: 

  • Weight of designated materials received 
  • Identification of the processing methods employed 
  • Weight of processed materials data 
  • Weight of designated materials received and not processed 
  • Weight of processed material outputs 
  • Data related to the disposal of processed materials 
  • Information regarding products and packaging derived from these materials 

Detailed reporting information and guidance documents will be made available closer to the year 2025. 


Processing facilities play a vital role in the EPR system, contributing to the responsible management and recovery of designated materials. Their compliance with the EPR Regulation ensures transparency and accountability in the resource recovery process.