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Used Oil Recycling Program

June 4, 2018

Alberta Government Transfers Used Oil Recycling Program to Alberta Recycling Management Authority

The Government of Alberta has amended the Designated Material Recycling and Management Regulation to transfer responsibility for the program to recycle lubricating oil material from the Alberta Used Oil Management Association (AUOMA) to Alberta Recycling Management Authority (Alberta Recycling), effective October 1, 2018.

The Government’s decision to transfer the Program resulted from their review of agencies, boards and commissions, the purpose of which was to improve services and ensure value for Albertans. Their review of the recycling management boards concluded it would strengthen recycling work in the province by consolidating the lubricating oil material program under one management board. Alberta Recycling’s multi-material mandate currently includes the Electronics, Paint and Tire Recycling Programs.

Alberta Recycling first received notice of this transition in December, 2017 and immediately began working closely with the AUOMA and Alberta Environment and Parks to ensure a coordinated, seamless and efficient transition. This work will continue as we move towards the October 1, 2018 effective date. Throughout this process it will be business as usual for both organizations and their respective programs to ensure that service to Albertans continues uninterrupted.

For more information about Alberta Recycling and its current Programs, please visit www.albertarecycling.ca or email us at [email protected].

> Link to Welcoming of Used Oil Program (Oct 2018)

Background Information: Multi-material Stewardship

  • Alberta Recycling’s governance structure and management policies are specifically designed to deliver accountability and transparency through stakeholder stewardship of multiple Programs.
    • To achieve the mandates and goals of the individual Programs
    • To maintain required separation of Program revenues (in regulated “silos”)
    • With strong industry representation, input and oversight
    • Resulting in operational synergies and efficiencies.

  • Regarding Program fee collection (all three Programs); the scope of Alberta Recycling’s multi-material operations includes over 2,600 companies that remit the fees on the sale of new products in Alberta. Most are small and medium sized Alberta businesses but also included are major corporations located throughout North America.
    • There are on the order of 300 compliance audits annually to ensure that Suppliers are properly remitting the fees, which ensures a “level playing field”.

  • Regarding Program recycling expenditures (all three Programs):
    • There are a total of 450 municipal collection sites in all regions, providing Albertans convenient access to recycle Program materials at end-of-life.
    • Twelve registered processors collect and process annually
      • six million tires
      • 647,000 TVs and computer equipment
      • 2.2 million litres of paint

  • Stakeholder Board, representing those involved in or impacted by recycling, bringing their expertise to the recycling Programs in order to achieve high environmental outcomes through cost-effective solutions:
    • Alberta Urban Municipalities Association
    • Rural Municipalities of Alberta
    • Environmental Services Association of Alberta
    • Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists
    • Recycling Council of Alberta
    • Alberta Environment & Parks
    • Electronics Industry Council Chair
    • Paint Industry Council Chair
    • Tire Industry Council Chair
    • Industry-at-large (appointed by the Minister of Environment and Parks)
    • Public-at-large and Board Chair (appointed by the Minister of Environment and Parks)

  • Alberta Recycling staff has the necessary skills and processes to effectively administer multiple provincially regulated recycling Programs. We have received feedback from industry, and recyclers, on the professionalism of our staff and the effectiveness of our Programs.