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© 2019 Alberta Recycling

Collection Site Awards

Since 2008, Alberta Recycling has been recognizing the work of registered electronics, paint and tire collection sites through the Collection Site Award of Excellence.

Alberta Recycling’s Field Services Inspector conducts annual inspections of all registered electronics, paint and tire collection sites. These inspections help ensure sites meet Program requirements and also enable Alberta Recycling to select the award winners.


– About the Awards –

Three awards are issued annually based on population served:


Under 5,000


5,000 - 25,000


Over 25,000

Congratulations to this year's winners...

Saddle Hills County Transfer Stations

2018 Small Category

– Saddle Hills County

Sylvan Lake Waste Transfer Site

2018 Medium Category

– Sylvan Lake

Broadview Enviroservice Station

2018 Large Category

– Strathcona County

What it takes to win

Make sure your sites are registered with the Electronics, Paint and Tire Recycling Programs (see Municipal Collection Site Registration Application. Please note that we will be uploading a revised application form that will include the Used Oil Materials Recycling Program by April 1, 2019)

Install the Program signage provided by Alberta Recycling

Ensure safe and proper handling of Program material

Ensure secure storage of Program material to prevent theft, scavenging and vandalism

Be convenient and accessible to the public

Perform unit counts of electronics

Keep eligible and ineligible materials stored separately

Maximize the capacity of paint bins

Regularly submit the Electronics and Paint Municipal Collection Funding Request reports

Keep the site neat and orderly

Promote the collection sites in your community (see Registered Municipal Collection Sites Advertising Grant for funding assistance to promote your sites)

See Municipal Collection Site Requirements 2018 for more information