May: Featured Registered Processor: Hi-Tech Recyclers

Hi-tech Recyclers

Registered Electronics Processor

Tell Albertans about your business and what it does.
Hi-Tech Recyclers launched its operations in 2014. With a change in ownership in 2020, our growth trajectory began. By 2021, we relocated to a larger, more efficient facility, enhancing our ability to effectively recycle electronic materials with added shredding and processing equipment.

How has your business expanded over the years?
Starting with 6 employees, we now boast a team of 15 across 2 locations in Calgary and Edmonton. Over the past four years, our trusted service has attracted major retail electronics outlets for their electronic waste recycling needs.

What areas of the province do you service?
We have locations in Calgary and Edmonton. From those two locations, our 5-ton trucks can service most areas of Alberta.

What makes your business unique?
As a relatively small company, we pride ourselves on our flat hierarchy, enabling swift responses to inquiries and the ability to make changes quickly. Our commitment to surpassing competitors in service quality is not lip service; we deliver excellent service consistently.

If there was something that Albertans could do to make recycling these materials easier, what would it be?
We believe that consumers should know where and how their e-waste is processed and ensure their data security. Transparency in the recycling process is important, especially considering that consumers pay the eco fees that fund the electronics recycling program in Alberta.

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about your business or about the recycling process of the materials you handle?
We offer a convenient pickup service portal on our website, where consumers can request pickups of their materials. In most cases, we can provide this service free of charge.

Additionally, boasting the highest throughput shredder in the province, we can efficiently handle large volumes of electronic waste. We can shred nearly a semi-trailer truckload of electronic waste daily.

Is there anything else you would like Albertans to know about your business?
Hi-Tech Recyclers is an Alberta-owned and operated electronics recycling business and is proud of our Alberta heritage. It also needs to be stated that Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) was the very first electronics recycling program in North America and in our eyes, it is still the best!

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