Community EPR Transition Planning Workshops

These three workshops will help prepare communities for changes to their waste management system following the transition to EPR. Each two-hour workshop will provide guidance and present tools and frameworks for communities to understand their current state, envision their future state, and develop an EPR transition plan.

The workshops will build off each other, requiring participants to complete activities between sessions. Related template material to support the workshop activities will be shared.


This workshop will:

  • Show you how to develop a mock transition plan; and
  • Help you develop a timeline and key accountabilities.

Following the final workshop, communities will understand how to develop a transition plan with associated timelines, roles and responsibilities.


This workshop will:

  • Guide you to envision your community waste system’s future state scenarios;
  • Provide an overview of an EPR change management planning tool; and
  • Show you how to apply change management principles to understand what will start, stop, change, and continue under each scenario.

Following the second workshop, communities will complete the change management tool, and envision the future state of their waste management systems.

Download the EPR Transition Planning Tool With Completed Examples (Excel document)


This workshop will:

  • Recap of Alberta’s EPR Regulation as it relates to communities;
  • Introduce you to the transition tool framework and approach;
  • Help you understand the current state of your community’s waste system; and
  • Help you learn how to get the information on your current system.

Following the first workshop, communities will document existing waste management systems, including services, service levels, customers, service providers, business processes, facilities, equipment, and operating and capital costs.

Download the EPR Transition Planning Tool (Excel document)

EPR Transition Workshops