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Communities are defined by the EPR Regulation and include: 

  • cities,  
  • towns,  
  • villages (including summer villages),  
  • municipal districts,  
  • specialized municipalities,  
  • improvement districts (as per the Municipal Government Act),  
  • special areas (as per the Special Areas Act),  
  • settlements (as per the Metis Settlements Act), and  
  • Indian reserves (as per the Municipal Government Act). 


The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program presents a substantial benefit for communities across Alberta.  

  • For Communities with Existing Recycling Services the operational cost of these services will be transferred to producers under the EPR program. This shift is expected to alleviate the financial burden on your community, potentially reducing utility or tax levies associated with waste management. The funds saved could then be redirected to other valuable community initiatives.


  • For Communities without Existing Recycling Services EPR will introduce the advantage of recycling services in communities currently without them including: 
    • Waste reduction – recycling lowers the volume of waste that ends up in landfills. 
    • Economic benefit – recycling can create jobs in the recycling industry and can reduce the cost of waste management. 
    • Conservation of resources – by recycling materials like paper, plastic and metal, communities can conserve valuable resources. 


Communities with existing services that registered for EPR before December 31, 2023, will start receiving collection under the EPR program starting April 1, 2025. Registration may have been completed by the community or a community authority such as a waste commission. Further information about registration is available by contacting 

Communities that register after December 31, 2023, and communities currently without recycling services, will start receiving recycling collection services in Phase 2, starting October 1, 2026. 

Community Toolkit:

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Community Bulletins

Community Bulletin – Feb 2

Thank you to communities that have registered with Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA). We look forward to working with you to increase recycling rates throughout the province, fostering the growth of Alberta’s circular economy, and inspiring a future without waste.  

To ensure consistent and timely communication, you will receive these bulletins via email and via our community webpage.  

Registered Communities  

As you know, the deadline for Phase 1 of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) community registration was December 31, 2023. Since the registration opened, ARMA has been diligently working with communities to educate them on the benefits of EPR and assist them through the registration process. With Phase 1 community registration complete, we have 245 fully registered communities for Single-use Products, Packaging, and Paper Products (PPP) and 201 fully registered communities for Hazardous and Special Products (HSP). For context, that means that over 90% of Alberta’s population is represented! 

January 10 Webinar

ARMA has been hosting a series of “Lunch and Learn” webinars over the past several months. We had over 100 participants in our most recent webinar on the role of Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) in EPR, where we introduced the first three PROs registered with ARMA. A lot of great questions came out of the webinar and as promised, we are including the questions and answers with you. We will also be adding many of the questions as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on our website.  

Click here to view the questions and answers. 

EPR Lunch & Learn Workshops 

As part of our regular EPR Virtual Lunch and Learn sessions, we are pleased to announce the upcoming Community EPR Transition Planning Workshops. 

These three workshops will help prepare communities for changes to their waste management system following the transition to EPR. Each 2-hour workshop will provide guidance and present tools and frameworks for communities to understand their current state, envision their future state, and develop an EPR transition plan.  

The workshops will build off each other, requiring participants to complete activities between sessions. Related template material to support the workshop activities will be shared. 


This workshop will: 

  • Recap of Alberta’s EPR Regulation as it relates to communities; 
  • Introduce you to the transition tool framework and approach; 
  • Help you understand the current state of your community’s waste system; and 
  • Help you learn how to get the information on your current system. 

Following the first workshop, communities will document existing waste management systems, including services, service levels, customers, service providers, business processes, facilities, equipment, and operating and capital costs. 

Wednesday, February 14 
Time: Noon – 2 pm 
Length: 2 Hours 
Click here to register 



This workshop will: 

  • Guide you to envision your community waste system’s future state scenarios; 
  • Provide an overview of an EPR change management planning tool; and 
  • Show you how to apply change management principles to understand what will start, stop, change, and continue under each scenario. 

Following the second workshop, communities will complete the change management tool, and envision the future state of their waste management systems. 

Wednesday, February 28 
Time: Noon – 2 pm 
Length: 2 Hours 
Registration will open soon. 



This workshop will: 

  • Show you how to develop a mock transition plan; and 
  • Help you develop a timeline and key accountabilities. 

Following the final workshop, communities will understand how to develop a transition plan with associated timelines, roles, and responsibilities. 

Wednesday, March 13 
Time: Noon – 2 pm 
Length: 2 Hours 
Registration will open soon. 

*Please be advised that these virtual webinar sessions will be recorded and available online for later viewing, however, the workshops will be more impactful with live participation and as a series. 

Communities Not Yet Registered

For communities that missed the Phase 1 deadline of December 31, 2023, you can still register for EPR for a later service start date. Contact us to learn more. 

We believe that by working together, we can embrace the opportunities EPR presents, enhance sustainability, and inspire a future without waste. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

Thank you again for participating in Alberta’s EPR system.