30th Anniversary Community Bench Giveaway

Due to overwhelming interest, we have taken all the applications possible. Thank you for your interest and your commitment to making Alberta a vibrant—and environmentally conscious—place to live!

Does your community love recycling? Are you creating a new park and need somewhere for your citizens to sit? Or do you just need to replace a worn-out bench on Mainstreet? Now’s your chance to get a free park bench for your community while celebrating the collective recycling efforts of Albertans!

ARMA is celebrating our 30th Anniversary by giving away 100% recycled plastic park benches to 25 lucky communities in Alberta. Each bench keeps 108 kg of plastic out of the landfill.

Your community can apply from now until March 31, 2023, however, there’s a limited supply so don’t wait, apply today!

Thank you for 30 years of working together to create a cleaner Alberta!

Please refer to our terms and conditions below for more details.

Terms and Conditions 

  • The giveaway is open to all urban and rural municipalities (including cities, towns, villages and summer villages, counties, Métis settlements, and reservations) within Alberta, that are improving their community and would have a place to install a bench for public use.
  • Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) will provide one (1) recycled plastic park bench to 25 successful municipal applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • This giveaway is designed to help communities beautify their public space and to celebrate the recycling efforts of Albertans over the past 30 years.
  • ARMA will arrange and pay the associated shipping costs (arranged through supplier) based on specific delivery windows of our choosing.
  • Applications must be received by end of day, Friday, March 31, 2023.
  • Successful applicants will be contacted through email and be provided approval in writing, specifying further details. Applicants will have 30 days to confirm notification and delivery instructions.
  • Failure to confirm notification within 30 days of approval will result in the cancellation of the application/approval, and the bench will be awarded to the next community on our waiting list.
  • Municipalities are only eligible to receive one bench from ARMA. They are not permitted to apply for additional benches.
  • The applicant guarantees to ARMA that they are applying on behalf of the municipality, are authorized to do so, and that any information supplied in connection with the application is accurate, complete, true, and not misleading.
  • Successful applicants will be contacted by ARMA, however, if you have questions about the status of your application you can contact grants@albertarecycling.ca
  • Please note, ARMA holds no responsibility for any added costs associated with the giveaway. Assembly, installation, maintenance, etc., is the responsibility of the successful municipality.
  • ARMA is not responsible for damaged goods once received.
  • Benches must be installed in a publicly accessible space and be in place by September 30th, 2023. Please take a photo of the bench and send to grants@albertarecycling.ca and info@albertarecycling.ca. In recognition, and to celebrate your project, ARMA will share on social media.
  • Benches are made with 100% recycled plastic and are grey in colour, with a steel frame (in black), and are supplied through Full Circle Plastics Ltd. They are free-standing and must be bolted to a suitable surface. 

Application Process

  1. Complete the application form along with a detailed intended installation location and timeframe for installation. (Including all planned upgrade expenses).
  2. Sign and Date the required fields on the application.
  3. Submit the completed Application form to grants@albertarecycling.ca
  4. ARMA will reach out to the applicant within 10 business days to provide a status update on the Grant Application.