The Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) acts on behalf of the province to oversee end-of-life processing of tires, electronics, paint and used oil materials. Our industry is rooted in the principle of circular economy where resources and products are kept in use for as long as possible, and regenerated into new products and materials at the end of their earlier life cycle.

Board of Directors

Since 1992, ARMA has worked with a broad spectrum of stakeholders to shape recycling policy, to create a processing system that adds value to the materials, minimizing the volume entering landfills, and to act as collective stewards of Alberta's environment.

Industry Councils

These Councils provide industry insight and recommendations to the Board of Directors on key aspects for each respective program.


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Regulations and Bylaws

We are governed by provincial regulations and a number of legislative bylaws to ensure the organization remains accountable to the Minister of Environment and Parks, and the people of Alberta.

Remaining Accountable to Albertans

ARMA is accountable to the people of Alberta for the responsible management of environmental fees and the environmental outcomes for the Recycling Programs. To ensure the organization remains accountable, its strategic business plan aligns with the mission, core business and waste minimization goals of Alberta Environment and Parks, and the Government of Alberta.

Vision and Mission

Inspiring a future without waste and leaving every place better than we found it.

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Building the organizational structure and the team behind the vision.

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ARMA is looking for people who want to make a difference, be part of a dedicated team, and who value work life balance.

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Committed to Alberta's Environment

Old tires, electronics, paint and used oil can pose a significant health risk when they're thrown in the garbage.

Home-grown Programs that are World-class

Our Recycling Programs are considered as some of the best in Canada and around the world.