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When you recycle, you perform magic.

Recycling is more than paper, plastics or cardboard. We recycle four materials that are difficult to dispose of and can be hazardous to the environment.

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We've gone digital!

It's a simple step toward encouraging reduction and managing our resources more responsibly.

Giving electronics a new life.

There are many recycling depots across Alberta where you can take your end-of-life electronics so they can be recycled in an effective, secure and environmentally safe manner.

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Protecting our environment.

Alberta's Paint Recycling Program is helping protect our environment by keeping paint and paint containers out of our landfills which can pose environmental and health risk if disposed of improperly.

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121.5 million tires recycled.

Our Tire Recycling Program has grown into a thriving, innovative industry that is helping keep the province’s environment safe for generations to come.

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Save your oil, save the environment.

Alberta's Used Oil Materials Recycling Program has been doing its part to protect our environment since 1997.

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The Alberta Recycling Management Authority (Alberta Recycling) is a not-for-profit association responsible for managing the province's Electronics, Paint, Tire and Used Oil Materials Recycling Programs.



TVs and computer products recycled. An average of six per household in Alberta!



Litres of paint recycled. Enough to paint 381,381 homes!



Tires recycled. Enough to wrap around the equator twice!



Litres of used oil recycled. Enough to lubricate 360,000,000 vehicles!

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Municipalities and Indigenous Communities

The benefits of the Programs come rolling back to you.

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Do you sell electronics, paint, tires, or oil materials in or into Alberta? If so, you need to register with us.

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