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Our Recycling Programs

Recycling is more than paper, plastics or cardboard. We recycle materials that are difficult to dispose of and can be hazardous to the environment.

Since 2004, Albertans have been recycling their end-of-life TVs and computer equipment. 

Million Electronics SINCE 2004

Since 2008, Albertans have been recycling their leftover paint and empty paint containers. 

Million Litres of paint Since 2008

Since 1992, Albertans have been recycling their scrap tire. 

Million Tires Since 1992

Since 1997, Albertans have been recycling used lubricating oil, oil filters and oil containers. 

Billion Litres of Used OIL Since 1997

Did you know there are over 430 registered recycling depots throughout Alberta and many of them now accept expanded electronics pilot material?

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A Stronger, Healthier Alberta
The Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) acts on behalf of the province to oversee all aspects of end-of-life processing of electronics, paint, tires and used oil materials.