Innovative products from recycled tires

The following is a list of companies and the recycled tire products they manufacture that are made in Alberta from Alberta's scrap tires.




Alberta Environmental
Rubber Products

Contact: Glenn Cohen
13520 - 170 Street
Edmonton, AB T5V 1M7
T 1-800-761-8473
P (780) 447-1994
F (780) 447-5405

Registered tire recycler - supplies rubber crumb for direct
applications such as infill in sports fields and as a
replacement for sand in playgrounds 

Also supplies crumb to manufacturers of pour-in-place,
athletic surfacing and a variety of molded products
Blue Imp
766 - 14 Street SW
Medicine Hat, AB T1A 4V7
T 1-800-661-1462
F (403) 529-0851
[email protected]
Pour-in-place surfacing for playgrounds, water parks, walkways and sports tracks.

Champagne Edition Inc.
Eco-Flex Distribution Centre

Contact: Kelsey Jackson
57425 Rge Rd 253
Sturgeon County, AB T0G 1L1
T 1-866-326-3539
P (780) 961-3229
F (780) 961-3277

Recycled rubber matting for residential, commercial &
municipal use including: patio & sidewalks, courtyard
& arenas, landscaping, concrete & wood resurfacing 

5590 - 46 Avenue S.E.
P.O. Box 3309
Salmon Arm, B.C.  V1E 4S1
P (250) 832-7780
F (800) 305-2109 or
(250) 832-7788
[email protected]
  • Sport/Gym Flooring
  • Commercial/Education Flooring
  • Playground Surfacing
  • Landscaping, Rooftop & Patio Surfacing

E.C. Recycling Tire Mats
Contact: Belinda Schneider
Box 225, Irvine, AB T0J 1V0
P (403) 834-2042
F (403) 834-2106

Various fabricated (cut-tire) products (horse springs
/swings, planters, mats, box liners)

Contact: Emily (Customer Service)
T 1-800-317-4797
F (800) 372-5001  
Manufacturer of pour-in-place surfacing and rubber
paving for driveways, pathways etc.

Euroshield Roofing
(G.E.M. Inc.)
Contact: John
9330 - 48 Street SE
Calgary, AB T2C 2R2
T 1-877-387-7667
P (403) 215-3333
F (403) 287-2012
[email protected]

Manufacturer of recycled rubber roofing products (shakes that
replicate the look of a slate or cedar roof)
GPI Outdoor Design
Contact: Angela Renaud
Bay 10, 7635-44 Street SE 
Calgary, AB T2C 2K6
T 1-877-242-8799
P (403) 242-8740
[email protected]
[email protected]
Pour-in-place surfacing for playgrounds, water parks, walkways and sports tracks

Liberty Tire Recycling Canada Ltd.
Contact: Neil Bansal
57423 Range Road 253
Sturgeon County, AB T0G 1L1
T 1-800-462-8884
P (780) 961-2090
F (780) 961-7611
[email protected]

Registered tire recycler - supplier of rubber
crumb for a variety of commercial applications
including athletic facilities and for manufacturers
of molded products

Marathon Surfaces Inc.
Contact: Rob Sinclair
P (604) 878-0625
F (604) 542-6141

Manufacturer of pour-in-place surfacing for
playgrounds and athletic surfaces.
Park N Play Design Co. Ltd.
Contact: Michelle Clark
#20 - 10 Wrangler Place SE
Rocky View County, AB
T1X 0L7
P (403) 208-0521
F (403) 308-0531
i[email protected]
Pour-in-place surfacing for playgrounds; water parks; fitness centres

PlayQuest Recreation
8440-45 Street
Edmonton AB
T6B 2N6
P (780) 809-8678
F (780) 461-9225
E: [email protected]

Pour-in-place surfacing for:
  • playgrounds
  • water parks
  • walking paths
  • driveways
  • sidewalks
  • fitness centres and recreational facilities incl. ski lodges, ice rinks etc.

Contact: Stu 
T 1-888-919-2054
[email protected]
Rubber paving & resurfacing for driveways, walkways, patios, steps, decks and more.
Rubber Stone
P.O. Box 336
Imperial, SK S0G 2J0
T 1-888-799-3960
F (866) 323-4997
Recycled rubber matting and pour-in-place for commercial, residential and municipal applications.  Projects include sidewalks and walkways, interior surfaces, patios, driveways, and high traffic steps.

List of independent dealers
Shercom Industries
RR#4, Site 404, Comp #9
Saskatoon, SK S7K 3J7
T 1-888-743-7266
P (306) 933-0600
F (306) 933-0600
Pour-in-place surfacing for playgrounds, water parks, athletic tracks, and walkways.

Softline Solutions
Contact: Howard McIntyre
4611 Morris Road
Edmonton, AB T6B 2V9
T 1-877-362-3133
P (780) 462-3133
F (780) 462-0863
[email protected]

Manufacturer of pour-in-place surfacing for:

  • Playgrounds
  • Spray decks and waterparks
  • Running tracks and foot paths
  • Swing and slide mats

Tomko Sports Systems
Contact: John Dafoe
6C-624 Beaver Dam Rd. NE
Calgary, AB T2K 4W6
T 1-877-631-1913
P (403) 291-4267
F (780) 291-4292

Manufacturer of athletic surfacing

Western Safety Surfacing Inc.
Box 20052
Summerland, BC V0H 1Z0
F (250) 809-4961
[email protected]
Pour-in-place surfacing for playgrounds, pool decks, splash pads, walkways.

Information about the Municipal Grant Program

 Specialty ProductTire-Derived Aggregate for use as a drainage medium in landfills 

Liberty Tire Recycling Canada Ltd.

Contact: Neil Bansal
57423 Range Road 253
Sturgeon County, AB T0G 1L1
T 1-800-462-8884
P (780) 961-2090
F (780) 961-7611
[email protected] 





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