Following is the list of eligible products in Alberta's Tire Recycling Program and the environmental fees charged on the sale of new products. 

(A)    Car and light truck tires (including spares), medium truck tires with a rim diameter of 19.5" or less

         and multipurpose passenger vehicles including sport and crossover utility vehicles - $4.00

(B)    Specialty, industrial and other tires with a rim diameter of 8" up to and including 24" such as trailer

         tires e.g. boat, recreation/travel; motorcycle (on and off-road), ATV, golf cart, lawn tractor, skid

         steer, forklift, and mini-loader - $4.00

(C)    Medium truck tires, for example those used on larger commercial freight trucks and passenger

         buses -

(D)    OTR used in construction, road building, forestry, mining, oil exploration and other industries - 

         either $40, $100 or $200 depending on the rim size.

For more information on the types of tires that can be recycled and the environmental fees please see the Table of Fees for Tire Products (current version published November 30, 2017).

The environmental fees Albertans pay when purchasing new tires helps fund the cost to recycle them...

Albertans are some of the most dedicated recyclers in the world.  In 2016 alone residents and businesses recycled 6.8 million scrap tires, which means 90% of all car and truck tires that were discarded were recycled.  Additionally the equivalent over 4,000 tonnes of off-road tires (the equivalent of 400,000 car tires) were recycled.  These tires come in a great variety of shapes and sizes ranging from small ones that are less than one foot high (found on fork lifts and golf carts) to big tough construction and industrial equipment tires that are over six feet tall.




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