The 2016 Municipal Grant Program closed on Nov. 20, 2015.  We will update this page with information regarding the 2017 Grant Program once it becomes available.


Following is general information on the two types of grants distributed through this program.


1. The Municipal Demonstration Grant Program 
Up to $30,000 per applicant is available to municipalities, registered non-profit community organizations, schools, First Nations and Métis Settlements to purchase recycled tire products for public projects such as parks, arenas, walking trails and recreational facilities etc.  Privately-owned, for-profit companies are not eligible to apply.

Examples of completed Municipal Demonstration projects

2. The Tire Marshalling Area ('TMA') Grant Program 
Up to $30,000 per applicant is available to municipalities, regional waste authorities/commissions and First Nations and Métis Settlements for upgrading tire collection areas at landfills, transfer stations or recycling depots. Privately-owned landfills are not eligible for this grant. 

  Examples of completed TMA projects




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