It’s your turn to make a difference

Do you want to become a tire processor? Alberta is home to a thriving tire recycling industry that takes over five million tires Albertans discard every year and turns them into new products that are used locally and exported around the world. But before you can become a registered processor and receive the support of Alberta Recycling, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

Are you qualified?

There are certain requirements potential registered processors must meet in order to provide recycling services for tires collected through Alberta’s tire recycling program. All processors in the program must be approved by and meet the standards set by Alberta Recycling.

All processors registered under the program must assure that scrap tires are processed and recycled in an environmentally sound manner at facilities that are licensed by all appropriate governing authorities.

Registered processors must continually:

  • Seek to reduce costs,
  • Improve services provided,
  • Ensure regulatory compliance, and
  • Strive to exceed industry standards.

All registered processors must have both the ability and the capacity to fully recycle products and must accept full responsibility for scrap tires once they are delivered.

All registered processors must provide objective evidence that a number of requirements have been satisfied in the following areas:

  • Environmental Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Operations
  • Transportation


For a complete listing of the requirements, please contact us.


Registered processors are eligible for financial incentives from Alberta Recycling based on the amount of scrap tires they collect and process. Separate incentives are available for both collection and processing. For more information please see the  2016-17 Scrap Tire Recycling Incentive Program Requirements  and  Current list of registered tire processors




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