TDA is an engineered product made by mechanically shredding scrap tires in various sizes to specifications. It is processed in Alberta by tire recyclers registered with the Tire Recycling Program, with third party quality control of the finished product. 


1. Pilot Project: TDA as Light Fill in Road Construction

TDA could benefit municipalities by providing a cost effective, environmentally sensitive fill alternative with unique engineering properties for road construction.  The Tire Recycling Program has pilot project funding available for municipalities to test TDA in their roads.  Following are examples of two projects currently underway,

Highway Overpass Construction: this is a partnership with Alberta Transportation and the City of Edmonton, evaluating TDA  as lightweight insulating embankment fill.  The pilot project site is located at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre ('EWMC'); a section of the future main access road to the centre has been constructed using 8,250 tonnes of TDA (equivalent of 825,000 car tires).  Over 250 sensors have also been installed in the road by the University of Alberta, who will be monitoring the project and collecting the data. The road is slated to open in late 2014.  An interim report with test results is expected in 2015 and will be made available on this page.  Please click here for more project information from the U of A.   Please click here to view additional project photos.

Rural Road Construction: this is a partnership with the County of Stettler for which TDA is being tested in a 1.6 km stretch of a range road, situated in low lying land with a high water table.  This combination creates high maintenance costs due to subgrade saturation & poor quality fill within the embankment.  Three thousand, six hundred tonnes of TDA (equivalent of 360,000 car tires) was used in the construction of the road, which was completed in September, 2013.  Testing has been completed and a report is expected in the spring of 2016.  Please click here to view some project photos.

To apply for pilot project funding please contact Brad Schultz, Director of Operations at [email protected]; he can also be reached at 1-888-999-8762.


2. TDA as Drainage Material in Municipal Landfills

Over 30 municipalities have used TDA as a drainage blanket in landfill cells since 1996.

TDA can offer significant cost savings compared to conventional aggregate.  Alberta Recycling currently funds both the processing and transportation of TDA for approved municipal projects.  The municipality only pays for placement of the TDA into the leachates. 

A TDA Cost Tool Spreadsheet ('calculator') is available which enable users to apply their own expected unit rates for each of the input fields e.g. thickness of waste pile, cost of gravel.

For more information on TDA please download the following document "Technical Bulletin - Examining the Safety and Effectiveness of Tire-Derived Aggregate for use in Leachate Systems".

To apply for TDA for your next landfill cell, please contact Brad Schultz, Director of Operations at [email protected]; he can also be reached at 1-888-999-8762.




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