Commercial painters and businesses in general (together referred to as 'commercial generators') can take advantage of Alberta's Paint Recycling Program. 

Year-round recycling options:

  • Contact one of the Registered Paint Processors to arrange for pickup of your paint material or if you want to drop off your paint material directly at one of their sites.
  • Check the Collection Site Finder to see if your local municipal paint collection site will accept from commercial generators. 
  • In Edmonton, commercial generators can recycle their paint material at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre.  Please click here for details regarding the location and drop-off instructions.
  • In Calgary, please contact EnviroSORT Inc. at 1-800-567-4209, extension 100, as this company has a contract with the City to provide paint recycling services for Calgary businesses.

Special Notice - Commercial Paint Recycling Events (please open the links for more information on each location)

  • Edmonton 

Paint recycling event at NOR-ALTA Waste and Site Services on June 22, 2018 

  • Calgary  

Paint recycling event at Shepard Landfill on June 26, 2018




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