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by Alberta Recycling | Dec 01, 2016
...the Fall/Winter 2016/17 edition of the Municipal Collection Site newsletter is now available, providing up-to-date info and opportunities regarding the electronics, paint, and tire recycling programs.

Too Good to Waste

Introduced as part of Alberta’s “Too Good to Waste” initiative in October 2007, and growing out of the very successful, volunteer Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection program, the Alberta Paint Recycling program will:

  • Encourage better environmental handling of this valuable resource through paint recycling, paint container recycling, and similar processes.
  • Reduce the quantities of paint being handled and processed in the HHW stream.
  • Ensure all areas of the province have equitable access to the program.
  • Charge the Advance Disposal Surcharges (ADS) on paint to the paint industry on product they supply into Alberta, thus avoiding adding to the workload on retailers.
  • Include paint and paint containers from commercial or trade painters.

The program applies to:

  • paint, varnish and stain sold in containers of between 100 ml and 23 litres
  • all paint sold in aerosol containers
  • empty paint containers

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Eligible products and fees

Most household and commercial paints are accepted for recycling but some material cannot be accepted. The fees charged to the suppliers for each type of product varies on the size of the containers.
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Did you know?

Albertans purchase more than 30 Million litres of paint and 2 Million aerosols each year.
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Become a Registered Processor

If you’re interested in working with Alberta Recycling to help make better use of this valuable resource, we want to speak with you.

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Current Registered Paint Processors

Looking for a list of registered paint recyclers?

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Municipalities Interested in Registering

Municipalities wishing to register their paint collection sites, please follow this link for details...

Commercial and Trade Painters

Professional painters can participate in the Paint Recycling Program. Find out how...

For more information on this and other programs operated by Alberta Recycling, please contact us.

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