Alberta Recycling is constantly working with communities across the province to make it easier for Albertans to round up and recycle their old electronics safely and responsibly.

Environmental responsibility begins at home

Alberta was the first province in Canada to start an Electronics Recycling Program. You can conveniently drop off your electronics at 371 municipal collection sites in the province. This program allows individuals, organizations and corporations to turn in their old computers, computer components and televisions to be recycled in an environmentally sound and safe process.

The electronics collected at municipal collection sites are transported to Alberta’s registered electronics processors, where they are reduced to commodity state (plastics, metals, glass), which are then used by manufacturers to create new products. None of the products processed in Alberta’s electronics recycling program are sent to, or ‘dumped’ into developing countries.

If you have old TVs, computer equipment, copiers, scanners or fax machines, now is the time to bring them in to your municipal collection site. It is the responsible and environmentally sensible thing to do.

For more information on what happens to your electronics after processing, click here.

Protect your personal information

Before dropping off your unwanted electronics at a municipal collection site for recycling, extra precautions should be taken to remove any personal information that might be stored in your computer.  




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