Your old electronics are doing more than just collecting dust...

They’re costing you money

They’re not assets if they cost money to store, and with the purchase of new equipment you’ve already paid for them to be recycled – an expenditure that’s not being realized.

They are a risk to security
The best way to secure your information is to physically destroy it through recycling.

Environmentally sensitive
Electronic waste is hazardous and must be recycled of in a responsible manner. Recycling your computers contributes in a big way to your company’s environmental efforts.

Recycle your electronics

Alberta Recycling works with municipal collection sites across the province to provide easy and efficient recycling of smaller amounts of electronics. Many corporate, institutional and industrial (ICI) users require a higher level of service because of quantity, location and security concerns. In order to make these special arrangements, ICI users are encouraged to contact any of our registered processors and discuss their requirements. Follow this link >>>

Eligible products and fees

Find out which electronics you can recycle, what the environmental fees on the sale of new electronics are used for, and other important information.
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Did you know?

Alberta started North America’s first electronics recycling program in 2004. Albertans lead the continent in per capita electronics recycling.
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  Did you know?