Tire Recycling

  • The equivalent of 109 million car tires have been recycled since the program began in 1992.
  • The equivalent of six million car tires are recycled annually.
  • In April, 2011 the tire program expanded to include off-road, industrial and specialty tires.
  • Since 2000, 630 grants totaling $12.6 million have benefited Alberta communities across the province. 
  • There are 343 municipal collection sites throughout the province that accept tires for recycling. 
  • Products manufactured from recycled tires include surfacing for playgrounds, molded products such as mats and sidewalk blocks, mulch for landscaping and loose crumb in sports fields.
  • Research and development projects: testing tires shred ('tire-derived aggregate') as lightweight embankment fill for highway overpass construction and in rural road applications. 

Electronics Recycling

  • Alberta has the distinction of starting Canada’s first electronics recycling program, which began in October 2004.
  • Albertans have recycled 8.7 million units of computer equipment and televisions since the program began (keeping hazardous materials such as lead, mercury or cadmium found in circuit boards or cathode ray tubes out of the landfills). 
  • Currently televisions, computers (incl. keyboard, mouse, speakers and cables), monitors, printers, large multi-function printer copiers, standalone copiers, scanners, and fax machines are accepted for recycling at municipal collection sites.
  • These millions of units have been dismantled into 177,782 metric tonnes of metal, plastic and glass that has been shipped into the marketplace for manufacturing into new products.
  • There are 372 municipal collection sites in Alberta where the items listed above can dropped off for recycling. 

Paint Recycling

  • Albertans purchase over 30 million litres of paint, stain and related products each year.
  • On average, between 5 and 10 percent of this paint goes unused.
  • Since the program’s inception in April 2008, 21.2 million litres of waste paint has been recycled along with 4.07 million spray paint cans.
  • Waste paint can be dropped off at any of the 316 municipal collection sites.
  • There are paint roundups that take place anytime from May - October each year which provide an additional opportunity for Albertans to recycle their paint.
  • Leftover latex paint is manufactured into recycled paint; oil-based paint is used in fuel recovery. Plastic paint cans are now being recycled into molded products such as fence posts and building products. Metal paint cans are recycled into industrial metals such as rebar.




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