Why recycle your tires, electronics and paint?

When you recycle anything, you perform magic.  You take something that's trash and turn it into something useful.  You also keep potentially harmful materials out of the environment and help conserve precious non-renewable resources.  And, by doing all that you also help create jobs.

So, by just dropping your stuff off for recycling, your keep the planet safe, help create new products, conserve resources and put Albertans to work in the process...keep up the good work!

You protect the environment

Discarded tires, electronics and paint can pose a significant health risk when they're thrown in the garbage.  Tires collect water and can create a breeding ground for disease carrying insects and electronics and paint contain things like lead and mercury that can contaminate ground water.

You save natural resources

By recycling, you reduce the need to use up precious, non-renewable materials to make new products.  Recycled tires are used instead of stone and gravel in different civil engineering applications.  Metal, plastic and glass from electronics are used again to make new electronics and other products.  And old paint is turned into usable paint.

You help conserve energy

Using recycled material to make new products reduces the energy needed to collect and process raw material used in manufacturing.  And, in some cases, recycled materials can be used as alternative fuel sources, reducing the need to consume non-renewable, energy resouces.

You help save million of dollars in valuable landfill space

Since 1992, Albertans have saved millions of tax dollars by recycling their scrap tires, electronics and paint instead of tossing them in the landfill.

You create jobs

At every step in the recycling process, from collection and transportation to processing, people are needed to make sure scrap tires, end-of-life electronics, and leftover paint and paint containers are safely handled.


Find out more about how Alberta's recycling programs turn the things you drop off for recycling into new products.

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