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Electronics Recycling Program

Since 2004, Alberta’s electronics recycling program has worked to keep your old computers and televisions out of our landfills and turn them into recycled products.  Learn more about...

Paint Recycling Program

Since 2008, Alberta's paint recycling program has recycled 17 million litres of paint and three million spray paint cans. Learn more about it...

Tire Recycling Program

Since 1992, Alberta’s tire recycling program has turned old tires into a growing industry that now exports recycled rubber tire products to the world. Learn more about it..


Latest News

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  • Grants Now Available!

    (Sep 14, 2016)
    Alberta Recycling is pleased to announce applications for the 2017 Municipal Demonstration Grant and the 2017 Tire Marshalling Area Grant are now being accepted. Applications must be received in our office no later than November 15, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. (close of business day).
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  • Recycling Milestone

    (Sep 09, 2016)
    Albertans recycle 100 million tires!.
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  • 2015-16 Annual Report

    (Sep 01, 2016)
    Alberta Recycling's 2015-16 Annual Report is now available.
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  • Environment Week 2016

    (Jun 05, 2016)
    See why Albertans have 'billions of reasons' to celebrate Environment Week 2016
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  • Daysland Grant Project

    (Jun 03, 2016)
    Town of Daysland ‘Walks the Talk’ with Recycled Tire Products on the Crocus Trail.
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  • Paint Contractors

    (May 18, 2016)
    Paint contractors in Edmonton can recycle leftover paint and containers!
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  • Municipal Newsletter

    (May 13, 2016)
    ...the Spring/Summer 2016 edition of the Municipal Collection Site newsletter is now available, providing up-to-date info and opportunities regarding the electronics, paint, and tire recycling programs.
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  • Advertising Grant

    (Apr 01, 2016)
    Grant funding available to registered collectors for advertising electronics, paint and tire collection sites.
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  • Roundup Grant

    (Mar 17, 2016)
    Apply now for the 2016-17 Municipal Electronics and Paint Roundup Grant Program.
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  • AB's Results in 2015

    (Nov 03, 2015)
    The 2015 Progress Report provides highlights of the results achieved by Albertans in recycling electronics, paint, and tires.
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  • All-in-Ones, VDDs

    (Sep 14, 2015)
    Effective October 1, 2015, all-in-one computers will be consolidated with visual display devices into a single category named Visual Display and All-in-One Devices.
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  • 2014 Award Winners!

    (Oct 29, 2014)
    Meet Alberta Recycling's 2014 Collection Site Award of Excellence Winners.
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  • 2013 Media Campaign

    (Dec 03, 2013)
    Albertans are doing the right thing by recycling millions of computers, televisions, paint and tires.
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  • Imported Vehicles.

    (Dec 01, 2011)
    The tires attached to imported vehicles will be recycled through Alberta's tire recycling program.
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